A message from Vicki’s sister

Hi Everyone!!!  This is Vicki’s sister, Valerie.  We need to continue to thank God for Vicki’s healing.  We know it’s coming!!  But in the mean time, Vicki could use a bit of help in her home.  If you are able to visit with her, pray with her, massage some awesome oils on her legs …. we would welcome you with open arms.    If you can and want further details please email me at valyn529@yahoo.com!! 
Thank you for you care, your love, and your support!!
God Bless!!!!

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

I was just thinking about how good the Lord is, All the time!  Every minute of the day, All day long!

When we focus on Him, and not ourselves, life is so much better!  Anyway, that’s what I’m doing today, focusing on Him and not on myself and the day is going great!

I went to a new oncologist a couple of months ago and boy do I like him.  My sisters and I call him the “Love doctor” compared to the last one he’s well, there isn’t a comparison.  Anyway, I’m going to have another PET scan in Feb. to see where I’m at and keep checking away on my progress.

Like I say, God is Good, All the time!

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Just a quick note to let you know I’m here!!!!

Well Hello,

I thought if I sat down at the computer after such a long time, the words would just flow into my mind and onto the keyboard but, not, bummer!

Oh well.  I just want you all to know I’m still here, Praising the Lord!, singing songs to my creator and loving Him All day long!  He is my source, my strength and I wouldn’t be able to do this without Him!

I’m listening to a lot of Keith Moore on You Tube, a lot of Andrew Wommack on I Tunes where you can download his audio series, Norvel Hayes, Kenneth Hagen, The Copelands oh I could go on and on!

What I’m learning is that my faith has a lot to do with my healing but  I can’t stress about it, just go on my way, knowing that Jesus is my Healer and it is He who has already done the work, paid the price and made me whole!!

I’ve had a lot of amazing help Mike Brandt has been so wonderful to plow us out of this huge snow we’ve had lately,  I could start naming names but I know I’d forget someone so I’d better stop here :-).

That’s it for now, I love you all and thank you so much for your help and your kindness.


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October is Here!

Wow, the leaves are already changing and tomorrow is October already!  Happy Birthday, Mom!  My Mom will be 87 tomorrow and is an amazing woman of God!   I am so proud to be her daughter!   Aren’t Mom’s special?

Things have been pretty up and down with me lately, but I can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! lol!  No, really, I’ve been doing quite well on the spiritual front and that’s the most important part of my journey anyway.  I am still doing the natural treatments, vitamin C IV’s, Rife machine, supplements, etc. but as I say all the time, they aren’t my source of healing, God is.

I’m becoming more and more filled with faith that He is my only way through this and I’m even amazed with myself at how I’m doing. 🙂  It’s ok to be ok with me!  I really like the woman I’m becoming and how I am enjoying this “Walk of Faith.”  Oh sure, I have my moments, and it doesn’t mean that I’m super woman either, just that I’m so thankful that I can truly say that and not be embarrassed.  Remember I never liked me?  The real Vicki does show up more often these days and I’m loving every part of her. 🙂

So, now that I have that over with lol, I’m just going to jot down a few things that I’m learning for ya’ll and then there isn’t much else to tell.

When you are really believing for something it’s going to be evidenced by being filled with Joy, Peace and Hope!  Now I say hope and that’s different than the hope we are used to.  It’s not the, “Oh, I sure hope it happens,” or “let’s hope she’s right.”  It’s the hope that is real.  Real Hope is from God.  It’s the kind of Hope that you can only get from God.  A God kind of Hope that says the evidence is real and God is real and we have Hope in His

word because there isn’t any word that comes out of His mouth that comes back void!  I went to a new oncologist doctor and really liked him.  What a refreshing time with a doctor who cares.  I just might do what he says 🙂 and listen.  Not that would be refreshing.  I will know more on that this week.  Hopefully we will know more this week too.

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Quick Note

How can I be quick? I can’t but I just wanted to let you know I’m still here, still praising The Lord and still standing on God’s promises that, “By His stripes I AM healed!”

So much has happened it’s hard to start. A couple of weeks ago I was giving myself an enema crying and in pain. I told The Lord that this one has to be the last one because I couldn’t take it anymore. Just then the phone rang and it was a pre-recorded call from our church. The church sends out calls to our congregation to let us know what’s going on like prayer requests, reminders about the church picnic, church canceled because of bad weather, etc.

I wasn’t going to even listen but that still small voice (the Holy Spirit ;-)) said to listen. Well, it was a special request for the church body to come together and pray for., … Yes Indeed, ME!

I just sat there and cried! Just at the very moment I needed it, God showed up (He’s always there but this was an ah ha moment). Isn’t that just like Him? He knows what we need and precisely when we need it!

So that week, on Friday night, our church was having a Harp n Bowl service. This service is all about praise and worshipping God. I knew I needed to go and my sisters along with my step-Mom, Barbara (who was visiting up here from Florida) all went. What a glorious time we had!

As I was praising Him, waving my banner, I was free from ALL pain!!!! Yes, I was up front dancing waving my arms and no pain. That was a wonderful night!!!! I’m standing in faith that this will happen more often and soon, it will be a common every moment occurrence!!! 🙂

Here’s a picture of Vanessa and I but I have a short video and can’t figure out how to post it, bummer dude!


Bob and I usher at church every other Sunday (or whatever the schedule goes). My part of our ushering is to help serve communion. The congregation come up front, drop their offering and tithe into a basket and we stand with a tray of cups and wafers. This past Sunday morning I got up feeling dizzy and really out of it. Bob thought I shouldn’t serve communion because he was concerned I might fall or something. I talked him into letting me do it but he had Jeremy follow me just in case.

I knew in my heart that I had to do it because I am strong and healed and I don’t want my body to dictate what is going on! Well I have to say that I literally had to clutch the juice cups to my side but I DID IT! I made it and felt quite the accomplishment!!!

Something came over me right then. I know it was joy but an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment I guess flooded my soul that it’s hard to express. I couldn’t hold back the tears and had to go to the restroom to cover up the fact I couldn’t stop crying.

I just praised God that I could serve Him and my friends and it felt so good.

Well, that’s about it for now. I feel bad my posts have been few and far between but praise God I’m able to post and share!

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I’m not going to apologize for not writing 🙂 just want to write a quick note and let you guys in blog land know I’m still alive, still pressing on toward the mark of my total transformation and still believing that God has healed me and the manifestation of my body lining up with His Word is any moment now! 🙂

Last week, my wonderful faith filled sister-in-law Cindy, came out to my house in one of my darkest hours.  Cindy is an amazing woman of God and is so full of words of wisdom and faith.  She also flows in the prophetic and is my biggest faith cheerleader!

She was reading me the story of Secretariat, the horse, that won the three biggest races in the ’70’s.  If you haven’t read the story, here’s the link.  http://www.whitedoveministries.org/index.cfm?zone=Docs/Newsletter/January2013Newsletter.htm&page=WhiteDove20Newsletter

Secretariat’s owner was quite the amazing woman and Cindy wanted me to build my faith with the story of never quitting.  Quitting isn’t an option for me!  Cindy mentioned I should watch the movie and get inspired.  I had never seen it and thought it would be a great idea.  Even when the doctors report came back and it wasn’t good, I’m not quitting.  Even now that I’m on Hospice, I’m not quitting!  Quitting isn’t in my future!  Only healing and a long life!  I WILL see my wonderful granddaughter graduate from high school!  I WILL see her get married!  I WILL enjoy retirement with my wonderful husband and walk on the beach of Hawaii someday! (my dream!)

She had the movie and also was inspired by God to come up and bring it to me so we could watch it.  She felt that I was going to relate to either the horse or the owner and would see myself as the champion that I am.  Sometimes it’s hard to look at yourself as a champion and I know God wanted her to have me realize that I am His champion and have a work to do here on earth!  I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord!  Psalm 118:17  I can hardly wait to declare the healing of the Lord and share with the world how He has healed me!!!

On the way up here Cindy was shocked at what she saw.


Can you believe it?  She was so excited to come and tell/show me! Yes, God had put her on the road at the right place and the right time to see that truck!  What were the chances?  We sat and watched the movie and I cried and really enjoyed it.  I got even more determined that I will cross this finish line and win this race along with many other races the Lord has in store for me!

So I’m just declaring God’s Word and standing strong on His promises and I know that in the end I am His champion and will testify of His grace and mercy and of His healing power!

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Second one – Tara Home!




My niece was here for the weekend with her wonderful husband and daughter. They left the day Tara came in so we had a little get together before they went. It was so wonderful to have almost all of us under the same roof. We sure missed Krissy and her daughter and Brian. That would have made it complete.

What a great time! Ella is 1 year older than Aria and we laughed so hard because Ella kept calling her, “My Baby!” Aria would leave the room and Ella would say, “My baby, where did my baby go?” and run and find her. It was so cute. Ella took the role of mommy 🙂 lol. What a great way to start the vacation.

Tara and I even had some quiet time to watch Anne of Green Gables and chat some. Cathy brought over a play kitchen set so that Ella would have some toys and I guess kids have to be a little older for an imagination. Ella kept on saying things didn’t work like the microwave and water in the sink. She couldn’t figure out why the cookies were plastic and the carton of milk and orange juice were empty! lol What a hoot! It was such a great time.

Thanks to Vanessa and her wonderful hospitality, we met over there several times for a party. Tara, Bob and I even went to a Lions game! Yeah that was fun. All in all it was perfect and I couldn’t ask for a better visit. It was short but oh so sweet! Thank you Jesus for a great time!!!

This past Thursday evening I went to a reunion from the church I grew up in. That was so much fun to see people I haven’t seen in 40 years or so. Wow, I’m that old! lol hehe Thanks Carolyn for all your hard work. It meant so much to me to see familiar faces and remember the “Good Ole Days!”


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First one

For the last two weeks I’ve been trusting God, declaring His Word and speaking life and healing over my body. I continue to hold on to His Word and his promises. It truly is a journey of faith and I am daily in the Bible enjoying what I can.

Robin took me to her doctor last week who found out some unusual things about my condition. I wish she were here to explain it he is going to see me again this Wednesday and I will write some things down for my blog. Robin has been so good to me :-).

I only have a couple of Frankincense IVs left and then I’m going to start vitamin C IVs. There is a lot of good research on high doses of vit. C and cancer. I’m changing up my treatment too. Dropping some things that are no longer effective and starting some new ones. We are letting God lead us.

Thanks to Cindy Schornberg I am taking a grape seed supplement that is high in antioxidants. It’s so amazing to me how people have been so helpful and have blessed me so much. The gal she connected me to sent me a bottle for free. That seems to be the norm for me these days! God keeps showing me over and over again how much He loves me!

Two weeks ago Cindy took me to see Benny Hinn. What a great night that was. Then Friday Sue B. took me to a Cancer Crusade in Taylor that was awesome. I got prayed for by Charles Ndifon from Nigeria. http://www.christlove.org That was another “God moment” night! I could say so much more but I’m tired now and am going to have to stop for tonight.

I know that I know that I know I AM healed and y body is catching up quickly to God’s Word.

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Good Morning!

I have tried to write so many times these past few weeks, but it seemed I was immobilized. I guess I was in a quandary about what to say and what not to say. As usual, I’ve just got to get over myself and just lay it all out there and you will have to be the one to spit out what you don’t like.

In my last post I told you I was going for a CT and bone scan. The results came back and I have to admit they threw me for a loop. (Where did that expression come from and what did it mean at the time? Interesting)

I really don’t want to go into it because I feel I would be continuing to put a curse on me, but I will tell you they certainly didn’t show the mass shrinking or staying just in the lung. I said I wasn’t allowing what the doctor said to affect me but I did. As strong as I was/am, I said the right words but in my heart I wasn’t letting go of what she said the results were.

So consequently I didn’t post anything because I didn’t know what to say. I knew/know I’m healed and I knew/know that I’m going to praise The Lord no matter what but I let fear get the best of me.

So, with that said (I’m sorry, I really didn’t say anything :-)) I’m just going to continue and update you on the last two weeks. Since it’s been so long, this might not be in chronological order 🙂 and I’m going to split it up into several posts today so this one won’t be so long and boring. (also because It’s 4:30am and I’m tired and want to sleep and then church, etc. so you will get a few posts in your email today, sorry)

Thank you for bearing with me and always supporting me.

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Update Already! :-)

After I wrote this morning I took a nice long hot bath.  This has been my morning routine because it has been the only thing that isn’t painful for me and I enjoy it so much because I always listen to a sermon or something on Youtube.

For the last few days I’ve been listening to Keith Moore on the Power of the Tongue.  Today it was #12 in his series.  I had to laugh because he talked about telling people how bad we feel.  At one point he asked, “Why do you have to tell people how you are anyway?”

He went on to say that we tell people how bad we feel because we want sympathy or something like that.  I got to thinking about my blog earlier and why I write how bad I feel sometimes and can honestly say it isn’t for sympathy, it’s only because when I get my total manifestation of healing I will be able to relate to others that are going through what I’m going through and encourage them they can make it too!

I guess I feel if people think you had it easy then they can say, “You don’t know what I’m going through,” but I can say, “Here’s proof, see my blog, I went through it and God will heal you too, just like he did me!!!”

Keith talked this morning about the lady Jesus healed that had been sick for 12 years!  12 years!!  She spent all the money she had on doctors and medicine but wasn’t getting any better!  She said in her head, “When I touch His garment, I will be healed!”  She fought through the crowd, touched His clothing and she WAS healed that moment.  Keith said, “Even if you have been sick a long time, God can still heal you!  Don’t give up!”

God isn’t going to say to me, “Sorry Vicki, it’s been 9 months and it’s too late for me to heal you.  If I haven’t healed you by now I won’t heal you, sorry.”  I’m not giving up, I am continuing to confess that He has healed me and it doesn’t matter what the tests say, it doesn’t matter how I feel, it doesn’t matter what people say and it doesn’t matter what the doctor says because I know that one touch from Jesus and my healing will be complete!

Why is it taking so long?  I don’t know but I do know that He loves me and He will NEVER leave me and NEVER forsake me.

I was thinking this morning about a pregnancy.  It lasts for 9 months and then we go into labor.   Personally I had an easy labor, but most women have a long painful labor don’t they?  After the baby is born, do they dwell on the pain?  No!  They are excited about the baby and for the most part enjoy their new born.  I’m sure they remember the pain when they try to get up and move around 🙂 but it’s not too long and they focus back on their sweet bundle of joy.

When my completed manifestation is here all the pain will be history!  Sure I will remember it, but the joy of my healing will be such that I can help others going through what I did and help lift them up because they too will have hope.

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